Watch Free FIFA women’s world cup 2023 OvoStreams

By | July 26, 2023

Watch Free FIFA women’s world cup 2023 OvoStreams, The FIFA Women’s World Cup is an international soccer (futbol) competition exclusively for national women teams hosted every four years by Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

Similar to men’s FIFA World Cup competition, it serves as an opportunity for female national teams to demonstrate their abilities against one another and represent their nationalities at this premier competition for female footballers.

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Free Women's World Cup 2023

Watch Free FIFA women’s world cup 2023 OvoStreams

The inaugural Women’s World Cup took place in China in 1991, and has been held every four years ever since. Although other female football competitions existed prior to it, only the FIFA Women’s World Cup provides an official global platform for female players.


Match Date Teams Group Time Venue
27 03-Aug Morocco vs Colombia (Live Streaming) H 18:00 Perth Rectangular Stadium, Perth
26 03-Aug Korea Republic vs Germany (Live Streaming) H 20:00 Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane
25 02-Aug South Africa vs Italy (Live Streaming) G 19:00 Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
24 02-Aug Argentina vs Sweden (Live Streaming) G 19:00 Waikato Stadium, Hamilton
23 02-Aug Jamaica vs Brazil (Live Streaming) F 20:00 Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne
22 02-Aug Group C Play-off Winner vs France (Live Streaming) F 20:00 Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
21 01-Aug Vietnam vs Netherlands (Live Streaming) E 19:00 Dunedin Stadium, Dunedin
20 01-Aug Group A Play-off Winner vs USA (Live Streaming) E 19:00 Eden Park, Auckland
19 01-Aug Group B Play-off Winner vs Denmark (Live Streaming) D 19:00 Perth Rectangular Stadium, Perth
18 01-Aug China PR vs England (Live Streaming) D 20:30 Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide
17 31-Jul Costa Rica vs Zambia (Live Streaming) C 19:00 Waikato Stadium, Hamilton
16 31-Jul Japan vs Spain (Live Streaming) C 19:00 Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
15 31-Jul Republic of Ireland vs Nigeria B 20:00 Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane
14 31-Jul Canada vs Australia (Live Streaming) B 20:00 Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne
13 30-Jul Norway vs Philippines (Live Streaming) A 19:00 Eden Park, Auckland
12 30-Jul Switzerland vs New Zealand (Live Streaming) A 19:00 Dunedin Stadium, Dunedin
11 30-Jul Korea Republic vs Morocco (Live Streaming) H 14:00 Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide
10 30-Jul Germany vs Colombia (Live Streaming) H 19:30 Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
9 29-Jul Sweden vs Italy (Live Streaming) G 19:30 Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
8 29-Jul Group C Play-off Winner vs Jamaica (Live Streaming) F 20:30 Perth Rectangular Stadium, Perth
7 29-Jul France vs Brazil (Live Streaming) F 20:00 Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane
6 28-Jul Argentina vs South Africa G 12:00 Dunedin Stadium, Dunedin
5 28-Jul China PR vs Group B Play-off Winner (Live Streaming) D 20:30 Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide
4 28-Jul England vs Denmark (Live Streaming) D 18:30 Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
3 27-Jul Group A Play-off Winner vs Vietnam (Live Streaming) E 19:30 Waikato Stadium, Hamilton
2 27-Jul USA vs Netherlands (Live Streaming) E 13:00 Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington
1 27-Jul Australia vs Nigeria (Live Streaming) B 20:00 Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane


This tournament’s format has undergone significant change over the years. At first, 12 teams were split among three groups for group play before qualifying to the knockout rounds leading up to a final tournament. Later editions saw more countries participate at an elite level of competition.


Country Confederation
Australia AFC
New Zealand AFC
China AFC
Japan AFC
Philippines AFC
South Korea AFC
Vietnam AFC
Morocco CAF
Nigeria CAF
South Africa CAF
Zambia CAF
United States CONCACAF
Argentina CONMEBOL
Denmark UEFA
England UEFA
France UEFA
Germany UEFA
Italy UEFA
Netherlands UEFA
Norway UEFA
Portugal UEFA
Republic of Ireland UEFA
Spain UEFA
Sweden UEFA
Switzerland UEFA

Key Moments

The Women’s World Cup has seen numerous iconic moments throughout, from stunning goals to incredible upsets and thrilling matches – each contributing to its overall appeal while raising the profile of women’s football.

Over Time

Since its inaugural edition in 1982, the FIFA Women’s World Cup has seen remarkable expansion in terms of participation, quality of play and global appeal. Today it stands as a premier sporting event on the international calendar and attracts millions of spectators each year from across the globe.

Pioneering Players

Its Over the course of its history, several iconic female footballers have left an indelible mark on the Women’s World Cup with their skills and talents on display on its grandest stage. Marta, Mia Hamm, Birgit Prinz, Abby Wambach are just some of them who have cemented themselves into women’s football history as legends in their own right.

Commercial Success

With women’s football’s increasing popularity has come an explosion of commercial interest for the Women’s World Cup tournament, drawing notable sponsorships, media coverage and investments that contribute to its continued development and further expand it as an asset class.

Promotion of Gender Equality

The Women’s World Cup has played an essential role in furthering gender equality within sport and providing women with an outlet to challenge stereotypes and advocate for equal opportunities both on and off the pitch.

Social Impact:

Beyond its sporting significance, the Women’s World Cup has had a far-reaching social impact. It has motivated young girls to join football by breaking down barriers and encouraging them to follow their dreams.


The FIFA Women’s World Cup serves as a celebration of women’s football, highlighting its achievements and talents among female players from diverse nations.

As it continues to develop and gain momentum, it provides women with an opportunity to shine and reinforces the message that football is open and inclusive regardless of gender.

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